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"Team work makes the dream work."

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Hello, and welcome to The WE Mentality. The "WE Mentality" is a mindset. WE truly believe great leaders create great teams, and great teams produce amazing organizations. Teams are the driving factor behind every successful business, so it is extremely important that each member embraces the culture of growth as the business grows. We accomplish this by improving communication and understanding of self and others.
The WE Mentality is Nevada's emerging business education company, providing business coaching, consulting, onsite, offsite, or virtual team building, education, recreation, youth programming services, and offsite corporate retreats to individuals and groups across the US.



The 4 Core Behavioral Styles

The 4 Core Behavioral Styles

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Team Development Training, Retreats, and Team Building Workshops

Motivational Speaker

Workshops & Trainings

Best of the Best


Team WE>ME

This Team Building workshop is the most exciting training program you will ever run in your business. Build, maintain & grow Team Moral with our Team WE<ME Interactive Workshop. Team WE<ME is designed to focus on the biggest asset for your organization, your team. Build synergy and rapport amongst your team so they can perform at their highest level at all times. Our systemized approach to team development will guarantee top results and build synergy within your organization.


Build on your sales strategies and skills with our impactful, results- driven 1 day interactive sales workshop WE-Sales. With WE-Sales you and your organization will gain the knowledge and confidence to compete with the competitive world of today’s industry leaders. Our workshop can be customized to fit your industry’s needs.



Focus on building long- term relationships within your client base with our WE-Service interactive workshop. This 1 day workshop will prepare all leaders and team members working with your clientele with the most updated skillset to turn your clientele into raving fans and funnel them into becoming your biggest brand ambassadors.


It’s all about the pitch! Give your organization the phone skills to leave the client wanting to know more with our 1 day WE-Phone workshop. Learn the benefits of a proper script that captivates and closes. Prepare your team with the skills that will have them confidant in dialing the phones from start of shift to close.



Who said there isn’t enough hours in the day? Well there is now! Learn to systemize your day and relieve the stress of missed deadlines or missed opportunities with our 1 day time management          (Self- Mastery) training workshop.


Become the MASTER of the numbers in any business with our 1 day interactive workshop WE-Finance


Social distancing? Not a problem. Each workshop has the ability to be conducted virtually for the safety of your office or home.

DISC & Motivators

Certified Trainers and Facilitators

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Assessments ONLINE, combined with the training of your Coach will:
• Improve relationships with customers
• Foster teamwork
• Recruit the right people in the right positions
• Develop effective managers
• Increase sales skills and understanding of the prospect’s needs?
Your investment in this scientifically proven strategy will give you higher productivity levels and yield immediate results in your business.


DISC Assessment

DISC is a needs-motivated, observable behavioral profiling system which measures the energy you are putting into dominating problems, influencing people, steadying the environment, and complying to rules and details.


Motivators Assessment

Understanding what motivates us,
   what inspires us, and what we
   deem important is a vital first step
   in self-awareness and improving
   human performance and

Group Seflie

Organizational Culture Development

Your Organization's Mission and Vision


Corporate Training

Corporate training, also known as Corporate Education or more recently Workplace Learning, is a system of activities designed to educate employees. While it helps employers, it is also beneficial for employees as it helps them obtain and hone knowledge and skills to progress professionally and personally.

Career and Personal Development, Onboarding: New Employees or New Roles, Mandatory Training, Online learning training

Certified Business Coaching

We work with business owners on all areas that impact their business success…from Time, Team, Money, Sales & Marketing, Personal Development and more important Freedom in and away your business. Because small businesses typically have opportunities in all areas, focusing on ONLY on one can do more harm if a strong foundation is not in place. Our 7-step approach ensures the foundation is strong so growth is profitable and sustainable.

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Youth Programs

There is a growing need for youth and adults alike to develop a stronger, more understanding relationship with the emotions of themselves and others, and how those emotions relate us to the world around us, especially during these trying times. Research shows that when students are in an environment where they and their peers have developed emotional literacy, they see higher engagement levels, better classroom leadership and organization, less bullying, higher academic achievement, and stronger interpersonal relationships. Emotional literacy is defined as being able to accurately identify a large number of emotions and to use them appropriately. This program helps students to become more aware of how emotions affect their thinking especially in times of stress or pressure.