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Group Seflie

Organizational Culture Development

Every great leader starts by defining the culture of his or her team. The culture is determined by spending time thinking about the mission, vision and values of the organization. Every leader must make time to do this!

The Vision is the “Strategic Intent” of the business owner or senior management – it should be considered the ultimate goal. It captures the essence of success, is stable over time and is deeply motivating to the organization at all levels.

The Mission is a realistic, credible, and attractive description of your ideal organization. It is a carefully formulated statement of intentions that defines why the business exists, how the business will maintain and increase its competitive advantage, and how the business will treat the other businesses and people that it comes in contact with.

The right Mission and Vision when combined are so powerful that they can literally jumpstart the future of an organization. Creating a laser-like focus and calling forth energies, talents and resources makes great things happen. A great Mission attracts commitment and energizes people by providing a significant challenge worthy of their very best efforts.

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