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The Manifesting Playbook

The Manifesting Playbook

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The intent of this book is to set the reader on the path of accomplishing his ultimate goals and handling the everyday responsibilities of being a man, husband, father, provider, leader, and master of himself. As a certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Business Owner, Non-Profit Founder, and Motivational Speaker, I Brandon Ward have dedicated my life to improving the lives of others through Personal and Business Development. I am a firm believer in leadership, mentorship, and coaching no matter a person’s level of achievement. The best of the best in the world all have coaches, some even have two or three for different areas of their lives. Not all can afford coaching, nor do all need one to accomplish their goals. Some just need self-discipline, accountability, a plan, and the drive to overcome every obstacle before them. I have created this Play Book as a guide to align you with your purpose and capture the “receipts” as you dominate this quarter, month by month, week by week, and day by day. As you PURPOSEFULLY move closer to your destiny.

In this book you will identify who you are through affirmations. Self-evaluate what you have acquired. Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, and Aspirations. Your learning and way of thinking (DISC). Your Goals (Long, medium, and short term). Your VISION, MISSION, and PURPOSE. Friendship and the Law of Attraction. Available resources that you are or are not taking advantage of to leverage your life. “Life Anchors,” what is slowing you down or holding you back. The formula and strategy for change. The power of intention, clarity, and taking ACTION.

This playbook is a 90 day plan to guide you closer to your success. Keeping you true to yourself and your mission. Life is offensive and defensive. With the right player (you), the right system (this playbook), and me as your coach, we will not lose.

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