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The Manifesting Mommies Journal

The Manifesting Mommies Journal

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Dear Manifesting Mommy, Welcome to the start of something beautiful! There are so many things that we manifest without even trying. From our love lives, our jobs to the people we surround ourselves with. Now it is time to take control of your power and make it work for you! With this guided journal you have equipped yourself with the tools to start manifesting ANYTHING YOU DESIRE! Whether it is a new career path or simply a new structure for your life, the universe will tell you one thing and one thing only: “Your wish is my command!” It is LITERALLY that easy! There are power in your words. Use them to benefit YOU!. As a mother of 4 I know just how easy it is to lose ourselves and our path. We are naturally selfless beings when it comes to our children. But this does not mean we have to completely forget who we are and what makes us tick. Thank you for trusting in me to motivate you in the right direction in gaining clarity of your true self. We are all Queens and thank you again for allowing me to help adjust your crown! I’m rooting for you!

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