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ServiceRICH is a one-day workshop focused on developing long-term relationships.
The purpose of the workshop is to train your team on how to improve their level of customer service so they can create Raving Fans.

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Customer Service

Turn Your Customers into a Sales Force


Imagine having your very best customers constantly doing your selling for you. What would your bottom line look like if you had new customers flooding through your doors without having to spend anything on advertising? It may seem impossible, but the truth is it’s surprisingly simple to implement into your business.

Get your best customers to bring new business to you.

Lead generation happens to be a very expensive exercise; it typically costs six times more to find a new lead than it does to sell again to an existing customer. So just imagine how profitable your business could be if all your sales team had to do was to service your existing customer base, while they— your existing customers—took care of generating new leads.

Here’s just a few techniques you’ll learn:

• Why customer satisfaction is not enough
• How to identify your very best customers and those who are more trouble than they are worth
• How to keep your customers returning with more and more money each time

Here's a few more:

•Simple, yet effective techniques to get customers raving about your business to everyone they meet
• The most effective way to generate referrals
• The ‘Ladder of Loyalty’
• And most importantly, how your team will make all of this happen

Who should attend WEService?

Business owners, sales managers, sales people, customer service representatives, marketing personnel, reception, and other frontline team members. So get in touch with your coach today!

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