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WEPhone is a one-day Telemarketing Workshop for those clients who want to develop their telemarketing or sales teams so they can telemarket proactively.

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Turning Prospects into Customers


I t may surprise you to learn that the most profitable piece of equipment in your business is not your sophisticated computer system or that expensive machine in your workshop; it is none other than the humble telephone. But here’s the thing—the power of the phone doesn’t lie in its convenience or cost to your business. It has to do with your attitude. So what’s your attitude towards it? But perhaps more importantly, what is your team’s attitude?

Does your team need better phone skills?

Even the most basic of tasks like how to answer the phone correctly has a dramatic impact on a caller’s perception of your business, the skills and professionalism of your team and your ultimate suitability to do business with them. You see, the person who answers the phone is your front line in the battle to win, and keep, customers.

What WEPhone will teach your team:

• How to get prospects to commit to buy from you, right there, on the phone

• How to write powerful scripts to make price shopping a thing of the past

• How to project a professional image

What else:

• How to get your entire team using all ten telephone performance standards
• How to overcome objections
• How to turn irate callers into raving fan

Who should attend?

If you’re in business to make money, you need to have your team attend our WEPhone workshop right now. So call get in touch with your local COACH today!

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