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Phone Skills

Phone Skills is a comprehensive one-day Telemarketing Workshop designed to enhance the capabilities of your telemarketing or sales teams. This workshop focuses on developing proactive telemarketing skills, equipping your team with the tools they need to excel in their telephone-based sales efforts.

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Turning Prospects into Customers

Phone Skills

You may be surprised to discover that the most lucrative asset in your business is not the high-tech computer system or the costly machinery in your workshop. It's actually the humble telephone. However, the true power of the phone does not stem from its convenience or the expenses it incurs for your business. It all comes down to your attitude. So, what is your perspective on it? More importantly, what is your team's attitude towards the phone?

Does your team need better phone skills?

Even the simplest tasks, such as answering the phone correctly, can have a profound effect on how callers perceive your business, the competence and professionalism of your team, and your overall suitability as a business partner. The individual who handles phone calls serves as your frontline representative in the ongoing mission to attract and retain customers.

What Phone Skills will teach your team:

• Mastering the art of securing immediate commitments from prospects during phone conversations

• Crafting compelling scripts to eliminate the need for price shopping

• Cultivating a professional image to enhance customer perception

What else:

• Implementing the ten telephone performance standards across your entire team

• Effectively addressing and overcoming objections during phone interactions

• Transforming irate callers into highly satisfied and loyal advocates

Who should attend?

If your goal is to maximize profitability in your business, it is essential that your team participates in our Phone Skills workshop without delay. Contact your local COACH now to secure your spot!

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